Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

As of 13th August, 2010

All directors, officers and employees of Shochiku Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Shochiku") will comply with the "Shochiku Personal Information Protection Policy" that Shochiku has set forth in order to carry out its social responsibility and to become a reliable and trustworthy partner to the customers it serves. All personal information of customers that Shochiku collects and uses will be held within Shochiku under appropriate supervision. The following describes how such information is actually handled by Shochiku. Please note that this Privacy Policy may change without prior notice.

Usage of personal information

Personal information of our customers In principle, personal information Shochiku collects during such activities will be used only within the scope of the purposes listed below. In case Shochiku collects personal information from customers for any purpose that is not listed below, Shochiku will indicate such purpose when the information is collected. In addition, if Shochiku collects personal information indicating such a different purpose, Shochiku will use the collected information only for the purpose it indicates during the information collection.

  1. Confirmation of ticket purchase for movies and theater performances, invoicing, shipment, and after-sales services.
  2. Confirmation of membership service registration and/or provision of services.
  3. Information service for Shochiku's products, services, and events, such as screening.
  4. Information service for drawings and/or shipment of prizes.
  5. Confirmation of subscription and/or delivery of mail magazines
  6. Replies to questions and/or comments
  7. Statistical Analyses

Disclosing personal information to third parties

Shochiku will not disclose customers' personal information to any third parties except when:

  1. The customer(s) have agreed to the disclosure in advance
  2. It is deemed required under law or regulation
  3. It is deemed necessary for the interest of the public or of the person(s) identifiable by the disclosed information
  4. The nature of the inquiry from the customer(s) indicate that the inquiry may be better answered by a subsidiary or affiliate company of Shochiku (collectively "Shochiku Group Companies")

Outsourcing of personal information handling

Shochiku may from time to time disclose the personal information it collects from customers to one or more contractors for the purpose of commissioning delivery/shipment of products, invoicing, statistical analysis, and replies to questions and/or comments. Shochiku will maintain appropriate supervision over such outside party with measures including the execution of nondisclosure agreements.

Collaborative use of personal information

In case Shochiku uses the personal information in collaboration with another Shochiku Group Company or a third party, Shochiku will notify the affected customer(s) in advance of its intention to do so as well as what personal information will be used, what parties will be involved in the collaboration and the purpose(s) of such utilization.

Inquiry and changing registered information

To change any of the personal information registered with Shochiku or to request cancellation of membership status, a customer should contact Shochiku using the following e-mail address: