GINZA KABUKIZA Holds Commemorative Ceremony with 170 Actors, Special Light-up Event, “amazake” Barrel Breaking-Open Celebration

28 April 2014

GINZA KABUKIZA held commemorative events on April 28, conveying great appreciation with 170 Kabuki actors on stage, theater light-up by renowned lighting designers, "amazake" barrel breaking-open celebration for the first anniversary since its reopening in April last year after three years of reconstruction work.

170 Kabuki actors

At GINZA KABUKIZA, a complex including Kabukiza Threatre and Kabukiza Tower office building, representatives of Shochiku Co., which operates Kabukiza Theatre, and 170 Kabuki actors took the stage and expressed their appreciation to people who helped out during the reconstruction period and the first year since the reopening, as well as to the more than 1.3 million audience who came to watch the "kokeraotoshi" grand reopening performances throughout the year. It followed with a special dancing program by young actors and a video look back at the performances throughout the year which were staged to a packed house. The events drew thunderous applause from invited guests.

12 Kabuki actors broke 
open barrels of amazake sake-like sweet fermented rice drink

As the ceremony was taking place at Kabukiza Theatre, 12 Kabuki actors broke open barrels of "amazake" sake-like sweet fermented rice drink -- a traditional celebratory practice in Japan - at Kobikicho square at the basement to express appreciation to Kabuki enthusiasts, and offered "masu" square wooden cups to people around. Kabuki is a traditional Japanese performing art with over 410 years of history, but even today it continues to attract new fans. The event was very well received by visitors.

Around the time the above events were drawing to a close, the theater was decorated with a special, one-day-only light-up to commemorate the first anniversary, greatly pleasing invited guests who were on their way out of the venue as well as passers-by. It was arranged by Motoko Ishii and her daughter Akari-Lisa Ishii, who are internationally renowned lighting designers. Even during normal times, the venue is lit up for different lengths every day in accordance with the time of the Edo period based on the stylish staging by the mother-and-daughter duo.

Embarking on its second year, GINZA KABUKIZA looks forward to welcoming many guests from all over the world.

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