Special Occasion at Shimbashi Enbujo“Mimasu Seats”

30 December 2013

At the Shimbashi Enbujo Theater’s January Kabuki Performance (Jan. 2 - 26, 2014), Kotohoide Mimasu Kagekiyo, a rare and unique opportunity to watch a part of the play from special Mimasu Seats is available.

What is a Mimasu Seat?

The Mimasu Seats are set up directly on stage for the Gedatsu (Salvation) Scene from the play (approximately 20minutes). The seats are located on both sides of the stage (right and left), and you will be watching the performance from a side angle. There are 12 seats on both sides, 24 seats in total available for each performance.

Ticket Information:

Price: 2,000 Japanese Yen (tax inclusive)
Tickets are available from December 21 (Sat) through Ticketphone Shochiku.
Tel: 0570 – 000 – 489
Ticketphone Shochiku Website (in Japanese only)
*Tickets are not available on internet.


Due to popular demand, additional seats available! TWO Mimasu Seats are added on both sides for each performance. Additional tickets will go on sale on January 3, starting at 10AM (Tokyo Time).

General Rules:

While the performance is taking place, you will not be able to leave and return to your seat.
There will be an information session before being seated in the Mimasu Seat. Please make sure to attend this information session or you may not be allowed to sit in the Mimasu Seat.
Performance time and information session is subject to change. Please check for the latest time schedule in the “News” Section on the English website or call the theater (TEL 03-3541-2600) the day before you plan to attend the performance.
Luggage is not allowed in the Mimasu Seat. Please keep valuables with you, and leave bags and other personal items at the designated location. It is required to take your shoes off when sitting in the Mimasu Seat.
Children prior to entering primary school may not be seated in Mimasu Seat.
Please note that official cameras may photograph or video record the performance and you are requested to cooperate in this event.

Information Session Call Time (for ticket holders only):
For Matinee, call time is 13:35PM
For Evening Program, call time is 19:05PM
Time Subject to Change (as of December 27, 2013)

Time Table (available after January 2, 2014)

Information Regarding Mimasu Seats in Japanese: Kabukibito Website