“Tōhoku Kantō Great Earthquake Appeal” Fundraising Notice

15 March 2011

The Shochiku Group would like to express its deepest sympathy for all the victims of the earthquake that struck in the Pacific Ocean off north-eastern Japan on Friday, March 11th, 2011. We pray sincerely for the speedy recovery of the area affected by the disaster. The Shochiku Group hereby launches the “Tōhoku Kantō Great Earthquake Appeal” as detailed below.

[Outline of Fundraising Activity] Donation boxes will be installed at cinemas and theatres operated by the Shochiku Group, as well as in the offices of its companies. Notices will be posted enlisting the support and understanding of both the audiences and the companies' staff. All the funds raised will be presented to the Japanese Red Cross Society as the "Tōhoku Kantō Great Earthquake Appeal". The donations we have managed to collect, via the Japanese Red Cross, will be put to use for the benefit of all the people of the affected area.

[Period of Appeal] Saturday, March 19th, 2011 ~ Sunday, May 8th, 2011.

[Location of Donation Boxes] Shinbashi Enbujō, Osaka Shochiku-za, Minami-za.

  • ※Appeal Destination: The Japanese Red Cross Society, “Tōhoku Kantō Great Earthquake Appeal”
  • ※The period of installation may differ in certain cases.
  • ※In addition to those theatres listed above, the appeal will also take place in cinemas, etc., operated by the Shochiku Group.