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Kabuki & the Kabukiza Theatre

Shopping at the Kobikichō Plaza

Located on Floor B2, beneath the Kabukiza Theatre, the plaza has direct access to Higashi-Ginza subway station. With its famous giant paper lantern, every day is a lively festival at the Kobikichō Plaza, where vendors offer a wide array of kabuki-related products and souvenirs for sale. The plaza also features a restaurant, a bentō (boxed meal) shop, a convenience store, and a Box Office, providing visitors with an enjoyable shopping experience.

Credit cards are accepted, and shoppers can exchange 13 types of foreign currency for Japanese yen using the plaza's automated currency exchange machine (foreign currency to yen only). Visitors can also take advantage of complimentary “GFree” WiFi.

Kobikichō Plaza

Located on Floor B2 beneath the Kabukiza Theatre, right next to the Higashi-Ginza subway station, is the Kobikichō Plaza with its famous giant paper lantern. The plaza boasts a lively festive atmosphere, and stores and vendor stalls offer an array of kabuki-related products and souvenirs that give visitors a shopping and dining experience with a unique kabuki flavour. Below are some of the plaza's main attractions.