Our Business

Our Business

Shochiku Group is a total entertainment corporate enterprise consisting of Motion Picture Division, Theater Division, and Real Estate Division and various others. Throughout the 120 years of the company’s history, Shochiku has focused in its policy to offer quality entertainment mainly through theater and motion pictures.

Corporate Goal: “Dream” & “Inspiration”

KShochiku’s goal is to integrate the values of “Dream” and “Inspiration” to the life of its audience through Motion Picture and Theater projects. The company aims to reach out beyond the borders of Japan to investigate new projects and also incorporating modern trends and technology to the company’s unique traditional strengths.

Souvenirs and Gifts

<Kabuki goods and collaboration merchandise between Kabuki and popular characters>

If you are looking for a souvenir or a gift from Japan, we recommend traditional Kabuki goods as well as ones collaborating with popular Japanese characters.

Kabuki & the Kabukiza Theatre

Since its opening in 1889, the Kabukiza Theater has been renowned worldwide as a monument of kabuki drama and traditional Japanese culture. It is the only theater in Japan that still holds monthly kabuki performances. Each month the Kabukiza features a new program and new performers, presenting two- and three-act dramas divided into daytime and evening performances. In addition to the classics, the Kabukiza stages innovative new dramas with a more modern flair. The theatre also offers single-act tickets to allow visitors to enjoy a quick performance at a reasonable price.

Shochiku Films

As Shochiku Films gets ready to celebrate its 100th year anniversary in 2020, family is still the heart of our business. Shochiku’s films bring stories that transcend generations, cultures, and languages to life on the silver screen. From animation to action, from dramas to classics, Shochiku produces quality entertainment to excite and inspire audiences around the world.

Kabuki Performances and
Kabuki-themed Events

Shochiku is the world’s only producer and promoter of kabuki, a traditional Japanese performing art with a history of over 400 years. Today, Shochiku is working to develop new content and events for new audiences toward 2020 and beyond. It's our pleasure to offer a wide variety of kabuki performances and kabuki-themed events in Japan and around the world for your enjoyment.

Cinema Kabuki

Kabuki Theater in high definition on the big screen! What is CINEMA KABUKI? Click here.