Our Business

Shochiku Group is a total entertainment corporate enterprise consisting of Motion Picture division, Theatre division and Real Estate and other divisions. Ever since the establishment in 1895, the company's policy has been to offer sensible entertainment primarily through theatre and motion picture.

By offering Motion Picture and Theatre with quality, our group mission is to deliver the irreplaceable value of “Dream” and “Inspiration” to the audiences.

We will continue to exert our identity which has been cultivated over 110 years, to deliver “Dream” and “Inspiration” to the audiences in Japan, as well as the audiences all over the world by taking on trends of the times.

Business of Shochiku group

As of 19th February, 2013

Our business

Operational companies (Green:Subsidiary company, White:Affiliated company)

Motion Pictures
  • Planning, production, and distribution of animation, and other multimedia content
  • International licensing & international co-production of motion pictures
  • Domestic and international license business
  • Planning, production and investment of motion pictures
  • Operation of cinema complexes and movie theaters
  • Programming of films exhibition at Shochiku circuit theaters
  • Software production, editing and broadcasting of CS/CATV
  • CS consignmental broadcasting
  • Planning and operation of movie related events
  • Planning, production, and distribution of video/DVD

  • Planning, production, promotion of kabuki
    (incl. kabuki presentations on tour and overseas performances)
  • Planning, production, promotion of general theatre productions
    (incl. presentations on tour and overseas performances)
  • Operation of Shochiku theatres
    (i.e. Kabuki-za, Shinbashi Enbuj┼Ź, Osaka-Shochiku-za, Minami-za)
  • Theatrical rights/license business
  • Kabuki related events
  • Development of theatre-related new businesses
    (e.g Cinema Kabuki, MET LIVE HD)
  • Actor/actress/talent agent business

Real Estate
  • Property management, leasing, and development

Other Business
  • Editing, production, and sales of souvenir programs
  • Planning, production, and sales of character goods
  • Mobile/PC mail order operation
  • Delivery of official mobile contents
  • Planning and operation of movie/theatre related events
  • Operation of restaurants, parking lots, and other businesses
  • Property management services and cleaning service
  • Development and licensing of music copyright