Message from CEO

Jay Sakomoto President&CEO Shochiku Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1895, Shochiku started off with Kabuki theaters and has now established itself as a leading motion picture/theater producer, distributor, and exhibitor.

Since its foundation as a private company, Shochiku has played a major role in sustaining Kabuki for more than 100 years. We continue to make every effort to improve Kabuki which is one of Japan's proudly traditional art forms and to promote it in the world.

Shochiku has also been active in the Japanese film industry as an independent distributor from its pioneer days. Innovating the first Japanese talkie and color films, we have always sensed the trend faster than anybody, have taken opportunities for new challenges, and created numerous masterpieces.

With today's globalization and market expansion, there are significant changes in the economic situation surrounding us. In order to give the utmost satisfaction to our clients, we are fully aware of the importance of offering motion pictures and a repertoire that can move and delight them. In this regard, we will further improve and establish a revenue base with greater flexibility.

Our group companies will enhance their overall corporate value through these measures in order to develop the traditional culture of our country, and contribute to the culture of the world. We will create a rich and diversified content that captures the needs of the current times to offer to all generations.

In respect of our social responsibility, we will further concentrate our attention on improving corporate governance and compliance.