Shochiku traces its origins to 1895, when Takejirō Ōtani presented his first stage play. The Company has since expanded into kabuki, motion pictures, and theater operation.

The Company, which has always been a pioneer, produced the first color motion picture in Japan and was the creator of the world's longest-running feature film series. It has also become a symbol of enduring tradition as the exclusive promoter of the kabuki theater in Japan. The Company is continuing to develop its business and is making all possible efforts in various fields, including multimedia and the creation of international co-productions.

The Company will aim at improving its business performance through the further strengthening of planning, producing and marketing functions in all facets of its business including stage presentation, motion pictures, television, video and real estate. At the beginning of the new century, Shochiku will continue to make a combined effort to promote the cause of culture and entertainment, both domestically and internationally.