Corporate Identity

Left: Matsujirō Shirai / Right: Takejirō Ōtani
(The Founders of Shochiku)

Shochiku dates back to December 1895, when Takejirō Ōtani started promoting theatrical performances as the owner of Kyoto Shin Kyōgoku Hani-za. Matsujirō Shirai, Takejirō's elder brother, also worked in the same industry. In the New Year of 1902, the Osaka Asahi Newspaper published an article on the two brothers' success, under the heading of "Matsutake no Shin Nen", ("Matsutake's New Year"). The name “Matsutake” became widely known through the article, leading to the foundation of “Matsutake Gōshi Gaisha”). The brothers established another company called “Shochiku Kinema Gōmei-sha” in February 1920, entering the motion picture production and distribution business. Since then, the company has come to be called “Shochiku”, not the original “Matsutake.”

  1. 1902

    In 1902, the original corporate symbol was designed by the Japanese lantern shop located near Kyoto Shin Kyōgoku.

  2. 1920

    In 1920, the distorted pine and bamboo symbol appeared within the alphabet letter K, when “Shochiku Kinema Gōmei-sha” was established.

  3. 1937

    Then in 1937, “Shochiku Kinema” (motion pictures) and “Shochiku kōgyō” (theater) were merged to form Shochiku Co., Ltd. This was when today's corporate symbol was created.

Today Shochiku is celebrating its 115th anniversary. Our business involves a wide range of fields in the entertainment industry, not only theater and motion pictures. We feel great pride in the achievements of our forefathers thus far, as well as in the weight of history that the name Shochiku holds.